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Special Announcement...

Heather Thompson is a Finalist for Rare Artist of the Year
Watch the making of "Become Like Liquid" below
...and VOTE October 3 - 17, 2022



There are moments when words are insufficient and creativity is the only means to communicate the ineffable. With the language of color I offer my most authentic voice to the world.


Since a TBI in 2011, I was diagnosed with several rare diseases, shifted from CEO to contemplative theologian, and became one of a handful of female Acquired Savants in the world.


I paint in layers with no plan. If you watch the Timelapse, you will see a safe space where warrior images transition through a lotus - BEAUTY EMERGES THROUGH MUD. A Phoenix offers bone structure - STILL I RISE. My recently deceased heart horse Harvey appears charging outward with the strength of a 17h grand-prix holsteiner - I AM POWERFUL. I notice that I’ve created a face – liquid - made complete with my eyes - MY BODY CHANGES BUT MY EYES STAY THE SAME.

The AWAKENING. I saw the raw power of a roaring wall of water in the layers. I am a part of the great ocean of all that IS. Living with rare disease means STANDING IN MY TRUTH regardless of those who misunderstand or mistreat me. I stand bravely in SILENCE, allowing my art to SPEAK.


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