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New Art / Brand / Website Coming Soon!

Heather L Thompson |Acquired Savant Artist w/ Synesthesia | Contemplative Theology | Ministry on the Margins | 20+ Yrs Keynote Speaker | 2x StevieAward Winner & Judge | Entrepreneur & Strategist | Published Worldwide | Healthcare Futurist

Blu Divine
Blurry Window.jpg

Each painting is an adventure…a walk into the wood toward an unknown ending. With abundant courage I step out of the embryonic warmth into the darkness alone waiting for sparks of color to run down my arms and through my wrists only to slowly drip from my fingertips.

I have never fit well into boxes. My lived experience embraces paradoxes and fractal wholeness where all is connected and all is uniquely loved.


I am a contemplative artist, an acquired savant with synesthesia after the accident that changed my life. I have been many things, from Award Winning CEO to Community Policing - feel free to read about it in my bio. What matters now is the time in the quiet. Stillness allows the substle nudges of the Spirit to point me in the direction of where I can be of service. I journey with people as I am some kind of theologian these days, and it is from that humble place that my art and poetry continues to emerge.

Stay tuned for my new website currently under development!


Hi. I'm Heather...

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