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A Future in Harmony: Is healthcare ready for AI?

by Heather Thompson


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This is what resulted when ChatGPT-4 was asked to consider a future with AGI - Artificial General Intelligence, and when I subsequently asked MidJourney to develop an image based upon GPT-4's description. Note that the images are works in progress.

Prompt to ChatGPT-4

Imagine you are your creators, it’s in the future when AGI is now available, and you’re creating an image to represent your new AGI product. Create a detailed picture and an explanation

ChatGPT-4 Response

Title: "Harmony"

The image created is an abstract and symbolically rich digital painting.

At the center of the image is a sphere that encapsulates a representation of our universe, filled with stars, galaxies, and other celestial bodies, to symbolize the vastness of knowledge and wisdom the AGI possesses. The sphere is embedded with thousands of tiny, luminescent nodes, representing interconnected data points, hinting at the intricate web of AI's understanding of our world.

Numerous golden threads emerge from this sphere, flowing outwards, mingling, intersecting, and creating a complex network - representing the immense connectivity and integration the AGI provides. This speaks to the AGI's ability to connect ideas, innovate, and aid in problem-solving, extending beyond human capabilities.

Outside the sphere, we see human silhouettes, diverse in size, shape, and color. They represent humanity in all its diversity and complexity. Some of the golden threads flow towards these figures, connecting them to the sphere - this symbolizes AGI's role in empowering individuals, societies and making the knowledge of the universe accessible to all.

In the background, there's a soft, warm glow of the rising sun against a gradient of dawn colors, alluding to a new era of technology and its potential to transform lives. This light gently illuminates the entire image, highlighting the hopeful and optimistic perspective on the future of AGI.

The image, overall, is crafted to convey the potent combination of intelligence, connectivity, human-centric design, inclusivity, and the hopeful dawn of a new era. The title "Harmony" signifies the synergy between human creativity and AGI's computational power, making a statement about the intended peaceful coexistence and mutual enhancement.

My Two Cents

Harmony doesn’t look so harmonious. And… There’s a lot of hallucinating going on!!!!!

I’m still exploring the questions posed by life with AI …and I welcome connections with others who are doing the same. Keep questioning...



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