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AI Reflects on 2023 - Who is in control? Who is real? How do we know?

I turned the “Weird” parameter way up on MidJourney but kept the same question I've been using in recent reflections - I wanted AI to “imagine” (as the prompt says) its emergence during 2023.

It started as a close up image of eyes. When I zoomed out, I discovered a fascinating story.

As we move into 2024, I am intrigued by the way generative AI can be used as an artistic medium to create original art. While some might allow AI to passively create for them, I am turning the tables by experimenting until I obtain the desired output. In essence, AI offers an entirely new means "leveling up" artistic capabilities, much like digital changed photography forever.

New art forms will emerge from the dynamic chaos that is AI at this moment. (Theologian Paul Tillich - Form/Dynamics).

Like most humans (if being honest) I’m still assessing the optimal means of pairing my human abilities with Generative AI tools and image prompt engineering - to produce magnificent output while retaining creative control.

But this is more than Art. Extrapolating the above statement to the broader context…

I believe a core ethical dilemma in the present moment centers on this issue of pairing human/AI, while retaining human control. As we speed up the connections and even look to novel ways of communicating with AI (as I explore with synesthesia for example), maintaining cognitive awareness becomes essential. Otherwise, as the images depict, who is watching whom? Who is in control? Who is real? How do we know?


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