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“Blu Fire Dancing” and “Blu Kenosis” Produced in Runway/Midjourney by AI Artist Heather Thompson

A continued journey #IntoTheCrucible, tonight I share a crossover exploration where the images I custom created in Midjourney became video in Runway!

Each of these AI tools allow more creative control with new features... no longer is the user a passive witness to the AI bot's creativity. Instead, the artist can use these powerful tools to take their art to new places, create new genres and up level imagery into realms of language that we've never before seen on such a wide scale - #colorislanguage. #AIthisisME

"Blu Fire Dancing"


"Flames of Agape"


"Blu Kenosis"


Original Art by Heather Thompson custom translated into video using Runway AI 2023.

Make no mistake, however, there's a dark side to AI imagery just as there's bias and misinformation in generative AI LLMs.

Trigger Warning.

My next few posts after this one are not intentionally provocative or offensive. These aren't Halloween themed videos. Rather, it's what happens when I input my health conditions into AI image tools. It's a surprise I got tonight while creating these videos. I'll give that it's own post. For now, I hope you see why beautiful creative input/output is an imperative.

I'm starting two calls to action to counter bias in AI.

  1. The first aims to showcase the message YOU want to share visually about who YOU are - no constraints. Use the hashtag #AIThisisME.

  2. The second one is to actively participate in the process of rooting out bias. If we aren't going to be invited to the "red team" table or have sufficient training to test our unique populations, then let's claim our seat en mass.

Until next time...



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