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Generative AI - The Power of a New Tool … “Runway”

Original art by Heather Thompson.

The New Creative Frontier

In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, there's a frontier that's reshaping the way we think about creativity and artistry. It is the bleeding edge of Generative AI in the creative domain, where cutting-edge technology transforms our perspective of what's possible, giving original creations - whether crafted on canvas, captured in a photograph, or designed on innovative platforms like Midjourney - an opportunity to metamorphose in the cinematic powerhouse known as Runway.,. FOR FREE.

Original art by Heather Thompson

For me, this pioneering stage brings back memories of the onset of my artistic journey. I can still vividly recall sitting amidst an array of art supplies in a local store, my hands spontaneously reaching out for what intuitively felt like the right purchase. Back then, I was in the early stages of healing from a life-altering traumatic brain injury (TBI). I simply let my intuition be my guide.

During that time of right brain reliance, I discovered a profound truth - there was a silent yet deeper voice within me. This innate guidance, despite its subtle nature, never led me astray. Over time, I became adept at tuning in to this voice and I'm immensely grateful for the wisdom it imparted.

Original art by Heather Thompson

Are you intrigued by the prospects of Generative AI? Do you wish to explore your creativity and learn to listen to your own inner voice through the practice of Contemplative Art?

I'm in the process of developing tutorials for those who are eager to embark on this exciting new adventure.

If you'd like to be a part of this creative exploration, don't hesitate to reach out. Send me a Direct Message! Or text me via the chat function on my website at

Original art by Heather Thompson



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