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How do you rejuvenate?

Animals and nature maintain my connection to the Divine. I have more energy when I am in the natural world, where I don’t have to fight the unnatural sights and sounds of the city.

Every since the TBI, my brain takes in everything (like a baby). Human-made environments are overwhelming. Smells are nauseating; sounds overload my brain; my eyes strain to make sense of what I’m seeing….because I no longer see/hear/feel “chunked” information; rather, my senses perceive everything along with the added lens of synesthesia.

Then I think to myself…. “Why do I feel so tired?” I start to giggle. Then I think with a smirk, “Oh my…Of COURSE I’m tired! My brain is working overtime.” Having had this realization for the millionth time, I remember to treat myself tenderly and rest.

Surrounded by old growth cedars, my sensory system can find refuge at my mountain home/Poustinia located in an environment that has hosted humanity for thousands of years.

Does this sound a bit soft? It isn’t! Science has consistently demonstrated that nature calms the autonomic nervous system and enhances immunological function.

I recently lost my beloved Bulldog and horse. I’m still devastated, but my 10 week old duck Blue (he’s a 3 foot Indian Runner Drake) is doing a great job keeping me company as we work together on duck training.

Rejuvenation… I’ll snuggle my duck Blue today and sit outside breathing the earthy forest air.

What will you do?

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