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I am NOT Broken - I Don’t Need to be Fixed.

By Heather Thompson

Acquired Savant | Contemplative Theologian | Rare Disease Advocate

We live in a time where brokenness is seen as bad; where we are constantly seeking to fix our imperfections. This not only fosters Ableism, but it creates a paradigm in which we are not acceptable or lovable until we are healed.

How are we to know if we have ever actually healed/arrived?

There is no “arrival” - only this moment.

When I look into the natural world, I do not see a fractal representation of beauty in plastic perfection. Rather, I see beauty represented in all of the strange, unique, gnarled, colorful, vibrant ways that God expresses God self daily.

Healing is a journey of integration. It is not about fixing the broken parts, but rather loving the brokenness alongside the seeming perfection in ourselves, thereby allowing our unified wholeness to spring forth.

This is an integrated Yin/Yang way of life. A willngness to walk into Yin embraces the feminine unknown without demonizing the darkness within ourselves. Just as the natural world journeys through the Autumn into the austerity of Winter, so do we cycle through periods of reflection and letting go.

This painting is my latest artistic journey. It is a courageous walk from the fires of Yang into the Earth, Metal and ultimately Water of Yin. As I gently express the path of descent through the language of color, and explore my own authentic transformation, I remind myself once again that I do not need to be fixed in order to be loved. I am already LOVED, as I am already one with the SOURCE of all that IS, which is what I call LOVE.

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