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Introducing Novelorica - By Heather Thompson

You might have noticed that I have a new business name. Novelorica,LLC. Any guesses on the meaning behind the name? The symbol?

I’m certain some of my brilliant colleagues can see right through it!! Send me a message in the CHAT! I’ll create a custom digital painting for you if you guess it correctly.

A Bit of Insight…

Blue Phoenix Art remains, but I’m learning to fluidly moving through the crash, burn, rise cycle of the Fire Bird. I no longer wish to have this archtype at the helm.

Heather Thompson / Co allowed me to claim my name across multi-hyphenate pursuits in 2023. Having remained behind the anonymity of Blue Phoenix for many years, it has been a powerful experience to stand in the light of my name. I continue to use the insignia to watermark my art and sign digital images.

Approaching 2024, something new stirred within my creative center. Birthing is never easy; it’s always painful; and it’s very messy. But the blessing is worth it!

Novelorica emerged.

In the coming week I’ll make a more formal announcement explaining how I arrived at this new name, what it means, and where I’m going from here.

In the mean time, take a guess at the name…I hope I get to create some custom art for someone!





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