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My "Soul Duck" Named Blue

Sometimes I've learned my soul finds a companion in an animal... This is a part of my Franciscan theology, but it's been a gift as long as I've been alive. I was the "Dr Doolittle" of the kiddos, with rabbits, snakes, dogs, cats, horses, hamsters, even parrots!

Over time I discovered that almost every living being has a way of expressing itself; I enjoyed learning how to listen.

Fast forward to 2020. I lost my beloved horse, my bulldog and my cat. It was devastation already added to pandemic trauma. But there was a gift - it came in the most heartfelt connection with an Indian Runner Drake named Blue.

I'm going to share our story on my Blog and Twitter over the next several weeks ... stories are heartfelt & 🤣😂🤣 funny.

Who would have thought....a Drake named Blue became my #soulbird.

In case you're wondering....

Yes, I have my ducks in a row... They march to my voice. I'm the "Lord of the Drakes," or that's what they call me. My daughter is the "Keeper of the Ducks." They have Drake Conferences about everything, and protect the two ducks... which is amazing because most flocks would not survive with so many drakes.

My next posts will tell Blue's story...Soon I'll share our many other animal stories! Stay tuned for "I'm a duckling in a bottle." It's worth it!

Trivia - What movie line is Blue is named after?



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