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My Triple (Trimalleolar) Fracture - A New Healing Journey Begins

"I believe that this kind of genuine and loving awareness of others in our lives not only enriches the human spirit, but it is the safety net that can heal the world."

Perhaps you noticed that haven’t posted in a while?

On January 17th, I fell on the ice and suffered a trimalleolar fracture followed by ORIF surgery five days later. Of course it’s a rare injury (sarcasm intended). According to the Cleveland Clinic:

"Trimalleolar fractures are the least common ankle fracture. A trimalleolar fracture happens when you break your lower leg sections that form your ankle joint and help you move your foot and ankle. Treatment includes surgery and extensive physical therapy. A trimalleolar fracture can have long-term impact on your quality of life." Read More About It

Open source image of ORIF - not my ankle.

In the coming weeks, I will write more about the injury, the experiences learned in the quiet, and the new healing journey that has begun.

I’ve been through a very difficult yet enlightening experience.

As a result, you will notice new content and an evolution in my artistic expression, alongside my continued work in ai, healthcare at home, and the future of healthcare care delivery.

I’m still healing - still struggling to adapt to life on one leg (non weight bearing on the injured ankle); still attempting to quiet the rare/chronic illnesses that flared as a result of the injury; still in the immense stillness of authentic recovery.

Painful experiences can be generative.

A friend told me that it was my responsibility to share the perspectives learned when pulled to the margins as a Contemplative Theologian. It takes courage to give voice, let alone WORDS, to these insights. The things I learn along the way are rarely comforting to the mainstream, as those on the periphery challenge conventional beliefs about equity and justice. Still, I'm called to SPEAK. Do I have the courage? A better question, can I stomach the pain of NOT speaking?

Question - In the cacophony of voices vying for attention, do we notice those who go silent? Do we pause to check on the person we haven’t heard from?

Genuine community includes both seen and unseen. However, in a social media driven world, the definition of REAL connection can be confusing. AI is only increasing the void of reality vs illusion.

Everyone has a full plate. But consider this very basic fact - As humans, we need REAL community if we are to survive the challenges that arise in the most unexpected moments. There are many who do not yet understand this primal, organic, embodied reality - and when they do, it can be a shock.

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The Invitation

Cultivate a practice of observing who/what is missing. It's the inverse, like the dark matter of the universe. This isn't about YOU or ME; it's about those whom we LOVE and support.

When these connections are quiet, do we notice? Perhaps silence is normal, or maybe it isn't. Pay attention to the ebb and flow of the relationship. As these dynamics become clearer, consider having more open conversations. When appropriate, offer an empathetic and open invitation as simple as, "How can I support you?"

I believe that genuine and loving awareness of others in our lives not only enriches our human spirits, but it is the safety net that can heal the world.

What are your experiences in building genuine community? How do in person and virtual interactions nourish you when you need support? How do you engage those you love when you sense they need a check in?




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