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New Art ! Feathered Fire Dancer

Friday seems like a good day to share Art! Here is some #CreativeInspiration. Recently, I've been spending a lot of time writing about AI in healthcare, and I needed to take a break after publishing my last column (I am posting that shortly, but you can find it at

For now, I hope you enjoy this piece. I will share the story behind it soon...It is poetic, healing, and powerful. 

I am consistently amazed at the people that walk into our lives when we need it most. Tona, thank you for the honor.

Today, I am completing day three of a 5 day intensive #IVIG treatment for a  #raredisease, including #primaryimmunedeficiency.

Art continues to be my refuge and the place where I process the world. I was not an artist before the #tbi that changed my life in 2011. Now, creativity is my breath of life.

In this age of #AI language models, human senses - imagery, sight, color- and alternative forms of communication are more important than ever. #Neurodivergence is a gift in helping humanity understand different ways of thinking so that we do not become complacent in mistakenly believing that we fully grasp how the brain works - I can speak firsthand to the fact that we do not.

You can read my story at

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend filled with creativity and inspiration!

Photo Description: Digital abstract, holographic, brightly colored painted image with many layers, Indiginous pre-hispanic warrior in feathered head-dress with a jaguar.


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