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New Art! “HUMAN Cacophony”

Entitled “Human Cacophony” this digital meditation explores the theological anthropology of what it means to be HUMAN in the age of AI. Like all things organic, to be HUMAN is messy.

Original Art by Heather L Thompson, Acquired Savant Artist, Digital Painting, May 2023

An invitation…

What would happen if people chose to express their creativity - sing, dance, draw, paint or even doodle - a little every day? The latest in neuroaesthetics suggests this could be so good for emotional, physical and spiritual health. Why not give it a try?

I’m going to share this invitation along with the hashtag #doodleeveryday. I would welcome others who would like to join me!

Ps-remember that this isn’t for anyone other than the person doing the creative work. It can be a stick figure (that’s all I could do before the concussion that changed my life) - it’s the letting go and allowing art to emerge that matters!



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