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New Art & My 2022 Focus

This is a new custom piece based upon a friend’s image of her cat. What a joy to share my perspective looking through the lens of synesthesia!! This can be printed small or huge.


If you’re interested in a custom painting, let me know. During the month of March I’m donating 10% of my sale proceeds to the EveryLife Foundation for Rare Diseases - now more than ever we need a VOICE in the Rare Community. I’m only one person with one voice, but that’s all we need to begin. Will you join me?

This year, I’m dedicating my efforts to 1. Healing my own rare diseases. I meet with the NIH on Monday for a program that I hope will bring a unifying diagnosis and save my daughter from the life long gaslighting and suffering that I’ve been through. 2. Advocacy for a Rare Disease Bill of Rights. I may be asking some of you for help! And 3. Education to ensure that patients with chronic illness KNOW THEIR DATA! This is especially true with EDIE REPORTS.

STAY TUNED for more from me.

In the mean time…

Here’s Pepe!

Send me a DM if you have an image of place, thing, person, pet, house, or idea that you want interpreted … and we can go from there.



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