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“Into the Crucible” - A New Journey with New Art!

As I fight this persistent new COVID variant (I'm on week 3) - I find that linear words are easier some days and more challenging on others. Allowing my primary voice to SPEAK is healing. #colorISlanguage.

AGAPE is EROS transformed by KENOSIS."  -unknown

Through the complex cross-wiring of synesthesia, color became my primary language after the traumatic brain injury that changed my life in 2011. Imagine the infinite possibilities of texture, hues, and pigments, all expressing both a lifetime and a single moment in one image.

Some call it a disability, others a gift; for me, it’s an “is.” In fact, the things that are the greatest gifts often feel as easy as breathing, so much so that they are unrecognizable. I find that many extraordinarily blessed individuals negate their gifts for this very reason.

It’s not imposter syndrome, it’s learning to notice something that feels impossibly natural.

People mistakenly assume that #art is work, and therefore tiring. No, art for me is generative Creativity flowing from the Creative source. I approach each piece with no plan and an open mind.

Therein lies the difference between Artificial Intelligence and Human Creativity - AI mimics humans; humans yearn for originality. Call it what you will, as the words are asymptotic.

Within the Ineffable. That's where I create.

Into the Crucible

I’m turning the tables on #generativeAI imagery… Instead of taking what it gives me, I’m learning to “paint” with the tools as if they were any other medium - pushing, pulling, twisting, blending, prompting, destroying, burning, reframing, caressing, exploring…until the break through.

As a person a rare female #acquiredsavant (less than a handful in the world), I’ve decided to share this part of my journey. We are in a time of human discernment, as we are learning how to use our innate creativity for justice and LOVE, not the alternative. Artificial Intelligence, racism, war, ableism, marginalization... all examples of this opening of intersectional space. We must dare to speak about it, in whatever language we use.

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All content and images are the original work of artist Heather Thompson 2023.



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