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Until I See You Again…Iggy

I have been blessed with the opportunity to journey with many animals during the second half of their lives.

These extraordinary beings came to me a number of different ways, but they had a common history of retiring at the top of their game. As former Grand Champions, my job was simple - give them a loving home until their last breath.

I unexpectedly lost my French Bulldog named Iggy last week. She was my shadow, on my lap, since 2020. Words cannot express the loss.

Over the last few years I have journeyed with others who have lost their creature companions. Art can be a way to memorialize their spirits, and it often brings comfort. Now it’s my turn.

Dearest Iggy…

You crawled upon my chest

and didn’t move for weeks.

I felt your pulse entrain with mine.

Quietly, as you slept,

you healed my broken heart.

The overwhelming loss

of my horse and english bulldog

slowly faded to the background,

as our emerging connection

became an unbreakable bond.

I never could have imagined

such love, commitment

and silliness, contained

within your black furry frame.

There will never be

another “Soul Dog.”

That name will always

belong to you.

Until I see you again…

Art by Heather Thompson




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