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Vote for Heather Thompson, Finalist for Rare Artist of the Year

Please VOTE and SHARE!

Only 6 days left - voting ends on Oct 17th.

I’m honored to be a finalist this year alongside an incredible pool of talented #rareartists living with #raredisease.

Go Behind the Painting of “Become Like Liquid” - read my description below, and learn more about my art and my story at To vote go to

Description of “Become like Liquid”

There are moments when words are insufficient and creativity is the only means to communicate the ineffable. With the language of color I offer my most authentic voice to the world.

Since a TBI in 2011, I was diagnosed with several rare diseases, shifted from CEO to contemplative theologian, and became one of a handful of female Acquired Savants in the world.

I paint in layers with no plan. If you watch this Timelapse, you will see a safe space where warrior images transition through a lotus - BEAUTY EMERGES THROUGH MUD. My recently deceased heart horse Harvey appears charging outward with the strength of a 17h grand-prix holsteiner - I AM POWERFUL. I notice that I’ve created a face – liquid - made complete with my eyes - MY BODY CHANGES BUT MY EYES STAY THE SAME.

The AWAKENING. I saw the raw power of a roaring wall of water in the layers. I am a part of the great ocean of all that IS. Living with rare disease means STANDING IN MY TRUTH regardless of those who misunderstand or mistreat me. I stand bravely in SILENCE, allowing my art to SPEAK.


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