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We ALL are Creative Geniuses

The late Sir Ken Robinson describes what my brain only discovered “by accident” in the wake of a life changing and life affirming concussion in 2011.

We all have an #islandofgenius (the brilliant work of Dr Darold Treffert) inside of us. Dr T was instrumental in helping the world (and those of us who were the rare few with sudden savant abilities) to understand that creativity emerges when the brain loses accumulated barriers imposed by executive functioning.

You can read my story in my profile if you’d like - but the short version is that I became an Artist and Theologian after a head injury in 2011. I couldn’t even draw before the accident. After, I found that I could express myself in color as if it was language. There’s more to that story - and that’s for a different post.

After listening to this TedTalk tonight, though, I feel compelled to share an important tidbit that I’ve learned along the way….

They say my brain is among an ultra rare group of acquired savant or sudden savants, but experience has shown me that everyone has the innate creativity that I only discovered through injury.

We ALL can create. We are ALL creative geniuses. Learning to access the creativity is key…And it’s quite simple:

Say YES to the nudges in your hands when creating.

SHHHH your inner critic offering disparaging commentary along the way. Keep listening to your hands.

Engage the unknown of your creation with curiosity. No rules. No plan. No intention to create something for someone else… just DO.

That’s it.

If you decide to give it a try, tag me and let me know - it would bring me great joy!

"Eye on Fire" Original art by Heather L Thompson

Blue Phoenix Art is now Heather L Thompson /Co

Copyright 2023 Heather L Thompson all rights reserved.


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