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WOM-AN in Blu

Art and imagery have long been celebrated as vehicles for expression, and in the modern era, artificial intelligence (AI) is a tool that can elevate this expression to new heights with greater accessibility.

AI Generates Beauty

Over the last few weeks, I launched #IntoTheCrucible - a journey of exploration as I use my acquired savant synesthesia to engage intuitively with AI image tools. The goal is to make the transition from being a recipient of AI art to being the Creator in control of the artistic medium like any other.

The art emerging from #TheCrucible has been spectacular, as I ask difficult questions and attempt to portray the complexities of humanity through an entirely new form of imagery. A sampling of just a few images from this week is included in the video below - Woman in Blu.

AI Generated Bias

However…the path to AI infused artistry is not all sunshine and roses.

Take, for example, the experience of users with unique medical conditions. I have been independently testing bias across platforms for months, and it is astonishing to see the images generated when you type in something as simple as "disability" or "chronicillness."

When searching for specific conditions, users should bring up images representing different aspects of daily life, just like they would find with any other search. Instead, imagery is filled with stereotypes and even the stuff of horror films. Why is there such a disconnect?

Let’s shine a light on the bias we encounter by bringing it out into the open. Rather than Red Teaming behind closed doors, let’s take this to the masses and show the imagery that’s reflective of cultural bias and lack of training data.

When this bias and lack of sufficient training is applied to healthcare (my area of expertise), I’ve experienced first hand the impact-it’s life threatening.

Will you join me and spread the word?

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