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A Human’s First Interaction with AI, as Envisioned by Runway

by Heather Thompson

I must confess that I found this post to be a bit eerie and creepy, and I didn't initially intend it to be a Halloween-themed post. However, I was curious to see what would happen if I re-ran a prompt from earlier in 2023 using some of the new features available in Runway Gen 2. As it turns out, these enhancements improved the quality and creativity of the video output.

That said, a dark undertone in the output caught me by surprise. It wasn't there in the original video. The ending may be unsettling for some viewers, though it is not offensive. I want to clarify that this is not a joke; it's an actual video created with minimal input from me as the artist - The objective was to test the creativity of Runway AI in response to a simple prompt.

I'll let the video speak for itself.

Runway Envisions Human’s First Interaction With AI (Video)

Prompt: Professional cinematography closeup, then rapidly expanding to a wide-angle lens of a human’s first interaction with artificial intelligence.

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I’m turning the tables on #generativeAI imagery…

Instead of taking what it gives me, I’m learning to “paint” with the tools like any other medium - pushing, pulling, twisting, blending, prompting, destroying, burning, reframing, caressing, exploring…until the breakthrough.

As a rare female #acquiredsavant (less than a handful in the world), I’ve decided to share this part of my journey. We are in a time of human discernment, as we are learning how to use our innate creativity for justice and LOVE, not the alternative. Artificial Intelligence, racism, war, ableism, marginalization... all examples of this opening of intersectional space. We must dare to speak about it, in whatever language we use.

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Agape is Eros transformed by Kenosis.

Dancing WOM-AN in Orange | Collection: Into the Crucible | Prints available for purchase

All content, images, and writing are the original work of artist Heather Thompson 2023, some using Artificial Intelligence resources. For more information, visit



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