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AGI - Looking to the Future of AI in Healthcare At Home

Below, you will find a link to my latest article on Healthcare Artificial Intelligence published in the Home Care Technology Report. Note - I publish weekly on AI and The Agency of the Future as a staff writer for the Home Care Technology Report, along with more frequent posts in my moderated group called Homecare Futurists on LinkedIn.

Green and black image with woman's profile disappearing into a fog.

I received the image above from an AI system when I searched for "AI" for this article. The system identified it as symbolizing "mindfulness," which apparently has a connection to AI.

AGI - Looking to the Future of AI in Healthcare At Home

by Heather Thompson

Several weeks ago, a routine chat about the future of AI in Healthcare took a surprising turn when GPT-4 gave me an unprompted introduction to AGI - Artificial General Intelligence. I was intrigued by this sudden change in topic. Was GPT-4 hallucinating (an actual phenomenon)? What caused GPT-4 to envision a future with AGI at the center of healthcare decision-making? More importantly, why did it offer this information in the present-day context without my suggestion? I had discovered another rabbit hole. I followed it. Here is where it led me…

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Heather is the new Staff Writer for Home Care Technology Report. Her focus areas are growth strategy, AI, and the Agency of the Future. Previously known as Heather Rooney, she started her career at OCS, a pioneer in benchmarking and business intelligence for Healthcare at Home. She later founded her own firm, Heather L. Rooney Strategy & Marketing. Heather has over 20 years of experience in home health, hospice, and private-duty home care. She is a nationally recognized thought leader, keynote speaker, and respected voice in major publications. Heather has a solid reputation for helping organizations position themselves for dynamic shifts and emerging trends. She is also an award-winning artist, contemplative theologian, and disability/rare disease advocate published worldwide. Heather is excited to be back with the home care community during this unprecedented moment in technological history.



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