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Announcing My Return to Home Care as a Staff Writer with the Home Care Technology Report

I am excited to announce that I have joined Tim Rowan and the Home Care Technology Report as a regular contributor on topics related to growth strategy, with special attention given to the characteristics that define the Agency of the Future and Artificial Intelligence.

Throughout my 20+ year career in home health, hospice, and private duty home care, I helped organizations position themselves in advance for a dynamically shifting landscape. While there have been "survive and thrive" moments in the past, AI introduces a categorically different era.

My first article was published last week: AI and the Agency of the Future — Opportunities, Threats, and Promising New Efficiencies (5/3/2023) Link -

Upcoming articles will include how I learned to adjust prompts to get the most useful answers while conducting "interviews" with the #OpenAI #GPT4bot, in which I asked it to assess its own future. Of particular interest, it revealed (without prompting) important existential questions that should give all of us a reason to pause as we contemplate using this as a tool to increase efficiency in delivering patient care to actual human beings. I will also dedicate future articles to interviews with leaders using generative AI within our industry and beyond, all as a means of providing insight into how rapidly we are moving toward a new trajectory in the evolution of human culture.

As I write this, an article appeared in Medscape indicating that it was time to replace the Primary Care Physician with GPT4 AI. Furthermore, the Whitehouse summoned AI thought leaders for urgent dialogue. In my opinion, it's worth the time to ensure that we understand the implications of the technology we are using so that we use it wisely.

Tim and I are humble enough to know what we do not know – and it is a lot; however, we are committed to doing our best to stay informed so that we can keep you informed.

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