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Dr Treffert and The Island of Genius in Us All

The late Dr Treffert, who identified those of us who have the very rare Acquired Savant Syndrome, gave a fantastic TED Talk about his life’s work. The takeaway - There’s an Island of Genius in us All.

Dr. Treffert is no longer with us, but his legacy of exceptional work within the field of neurodiversity continues at The Treffert Center.

He changed my life just as he changed the lives of so many simply by validating the gifts of my “new” brain post traumatic brain injury.

On many occasions we discussed what could happen if I was able to teach others what I only discovered through the pain of concussion; I’ve since been able to do just that!

Soon I may be at a place in my physical healing where I can offer this learning for anyone interested in finding their own Island of Genius.

Follow this blog if you’re interested so that you’ll receive the announcement when I’m ready…which should be soon I hope!

Accidental Genius | Darold Treffert | TEDxFondduLac | Darold Treffert | ... via @YouTube


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