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The Poetry of Falling Leaves in Runway... Generative AI 

Change is an inherent part of life. Often, we cling to memories, objects, or thoughts, even when they've served their purpose. This realization inspired me to craft a video, shedding light on the significance and grace of letting go.

While walking one day, I found a unique heart-shaped leaf on my driveway—a symbol of nature’s simple beauty. Around the same period, I captured a clear, ice blue moon. Though distinct, both images carried an undertone of transition.

Using Runway, a generative AI tool, I merged these two images. The resulting visual narrative elegantly highlighted the process of letting go and the peace that accompanies such decisions.

Change, in essence, is about creating room for new beginnings. Though silent, the leaf and the moon hint at this transformative journey.

As you view the short video, I hope you're inspired to see the elegance in change and the quiet power of letting go.

Original art and poetry by Heather Thompson. Copywrite 2023 all rights reserved. The Poetry of Falling Leaves in Runway Generative AI 



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