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Flashback Art & Heather L Thompson / Co

Digital Painting in shades of blue with multiple layers, the inside of a cathedral, tree limbs, and a full bodied woman in the center -  Her Body is the Temple of GOD.
Original Art by Heather L Thompson. Do not duplicate without permission from the artist.

With this Blog Post (including Flashback Art from 2021), I am pleased to announce that my art studio (Blue Phoenix Art) has fully integrated with my entrepreneurial/consulting business - Heather L Thompson / Co. Thus, I have bid adieu to the Blue Phoenix name...It will always be with me, but that part of my life is complete and I am ready to move on.

There is something healing and transformative about ending the compartmentalization of art under a psyudonym - Blue Phoenix - in order to bring all of my creativity under one umbrella represented by my name - plain and simple. I am grateful to be at that point in my life.

I have a new website that is unfolding, with an online store coming soon. Subscribe to this blog if you want to stay up to date - connect with me on social media - and contact me through my website

Art Heals. Color is Language. God is LOVE.




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