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In the Crucible … AGAPE is EROS Transformed by KENOSIS

The Meditation is LOVE - AGAPE, EROS and KENOSIS.

I’m turning the tables on #generativeAI imagery. Instead of taking what it gives me, I’m teaching myself to break the rules and “paint” with AI tools as if they were any other medium - pushing, pulling, twisting, blending, prompting, destroying, burning, reframing, caressing, exploring…until the break through.

As a person a rare female #acquiredsavant (less than a handful in the world), I’ve decided to share this part of my journey. We are in a time of human discernment, as we are learning how to use our innate creativity for justice and LOVE, not the alternative. Artificial Intelligence, racism, war, ableism, marginalization... these are all examples of an opening of intersectional space. We must dare to speak about it, in whatever language we use, so that there may be healing.

Stay tuned as I extend invitations to some new initiatives... #redteamforme #intothecrucible a new app dedicated to The Crucible, and more!

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All content and images are the original work of artist Heather Thompson 2023.

Copyright and AI: Some material included in this post may have been influenced by Ai. This includes editing, new art, and even direct interviews/responses with chatbots. I use AI tools much like I would use Adobe Creative Suite in digital painting; like I use editing software in writing; or like my vast array of hand painting tools on canvas... In all instances I am the artist. Thus, I'm claiming copyright and ownership over all images and material in my blog, including those made with Generative AI, until such time as copyright law catches up to technology.



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