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Is ChatGPT Getting "Lazy"

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Throughout the past year (2023)...

I have emphasized the importance of being well-informed and asking pertinent questions to effectively navigate the dynamic landscape of AI. As always, the key lies in maintaining a balanced approach, exercising caution, and engaging in thoughtful inquiry to make informed decisions for your organization.

As we draw closer to 2024, our ongoing series on artificial intelligence reaches a pivotal juncture. Recent weeks have been marked by significant developments that directly affect Healthcare at Home providers. As AI evolves at an extraordinary pace, today's update is simply an opportunity to catch up. Then, as we close out 2023 and move into the new year, my reports will begin a transition that reflects a similar shift in the global evolution of AI. I hope you will find my research, reflections, and insights helpful as you plan for the road ahead. 

EU Passes Landmark Regulation

Europe just set a global precedent by introducing inaugural AI regulation laws and positioning itself as a potential model for AI oversight. These laws aim to categorize risks, mandate transparency, and impose financial penalties for non-compliance. 

US Grapples with How to Best Regulate AI

Although the United States has yet to enact formal legislation on AI regulation, this does not reflect a lack of intent. There have been notable efforts both within the government and the private sector to shape a regulatory framework for artificial intelligence. It is essential to consider the unique challenge of regulating AI, a technology that transcends national borders and operates globally. Upcoming examples will showcase various activities in this area, illustrating the multifaceted approach explored in the US to address the complexities of regulating AI.

The House Energy and Commerce Innovation, Data, and Commerce Subcommittee conducted hearings at the end of November, following closely on the Senate Hearings earlier in the month (See "Balancing Innovation with Responsibility in Healthcare AI," November 15). These sessions brought healthcare sector leaders to the forefront with testimonies addressing implicit bias, calling for transparency, and safeguarding patient privacy. 

The AI Alliance

This alliance represents a coalition of diverse entities worldwide. Initiated by IBM and Meta, the Alliance unites leading AI organizations across industry, academia, research, startups, and government in their commitment to fostering open innovation and open science (see Figure 1, below). The Alliance aims to prioritize transparent innovation so that safety, diversity, and widespread economic opportunity may flourish. It is interesting to observe, however, that this alliance was formed in the aftermath of open AI unraveling and after Meta disbanded its responsible AI division.

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) launched the AI Safety Consortium.

This initiative, in tandem with directives from a recent executive order, reflects a comprehensive effort by the US to capitalize on AI's vast potential while conscientiously addressing its complex challenges and maintaining a focus on safety, security, ethics, and human values. 

Problems with ChatGPT

In recent weeks, ChatGPT has been at the center of several concerns, including allegations of reduced performance and reports of significant data breaches. Users voiced frustrations over instances where ChatGPT has delivered subpar responses, selectively addressed requests, and generally underperformed compared to its previous capabilities. OpenAI has not provided detailed explanations, but they did acknowledge the issue – Posted on X, OpenAI stated,

"We've heard all your feedback about GPT4 getting lazier! We haven't updated the model since Nov 11th, and this certainly isn't intentional. Model behavior can be unpredictable, and we're looking into fixing it." - OpenAI

Further, there have been alarming reports about potential privacy violations by ChatGPT. Google's DeepMind raised concerns that instructing ChatGPT to repetitively use the word POEM can lead the LLM to reveal extensive segments of its training data. This issue poses significant challenges to the model's intended safeguards, calling into question the robustness of its privacy and data protection mechanisms. 

As ChatGPT struggles, we once again observe that this is an emerging technology. Furthermore, it is crucial to notice the companies involved and the alignment of interests, with Google's Deepmind on the cusp of releasing Gemini, which brings me to my last item: Gemini entered the market. I will save my analysis for an article in which I can give you a proper introduction. For now, let's say I am getting to know it!

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Heather Thompson began writing for the Home Care Technology Report in March 2023, focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Growth Strategy, and The Agency of the Future. Having earned her reputation as a Healthcare Futurist, Heather brings over three decades of experience in the healthcare sector. She has dedicated 25 years to home healthcare, delving deep into diverse domains such as business intelligence, technology, association management, provider coansulting, sales/marketing/business development, strategic planning, financial management, and more.

Having walked the path as a caregiver and a patient living with chronic illness and rare disease, Heather was recently named a Global Advisor to the disability advocacy organization Billion-Strong #wearebillionstrong. A peek into her story reveals she is a rare acquired savant and polymath, an internationally published writer, award-winning artist, practicing contemplative, and seasoned entrepreneur. To get in touch with Heather, you can reach out through:

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