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White House to Announce AI Executive Order

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Illustration of a modern office setup where a person sits engrossed in their work, seen only as a silhouette against the backdrop of a massive computer
2023 Digital Art by Heather Thompson using the medium DALL-E 3

The Biden administration is expected to release a comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) Executive Order on Monday, October 30, according to an October 26th article in the Washington Post. The order is expected to include regulation of AI technologies, which will have far-reaching implications for all sectors, including healthcare. This comes ahead of an international summit next week in Britain focusing on the societal risks posed by AI. More details will be forthcoming next week. For now, here are the key points:

  • The order will leverage the U.S. government's position as a major technology customer, requiring advanced AI models to undergo assessments before federal use. This includes the Defense Department, Energy Department and intelligence agencies.

  • Assessments, known as "red teaming," of AI technologies are expected to be led by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), which has released a framework for managing AI risks this year.

  • The order assists with the recruitment of highly skilled workers from outside the U.S. by easing immigration barriers.

U.S. lawmakers are beginning to create bipartisan AI legislation, and the executive order will align with Congressional efforts. Further, the order is expected to build upon voluntary commitments from 15 companies, including OpenAI and Google, to develop technology that identifies AI-generated images and shares safety data with the government. Federal agencies will be required to assess the current size of the AI workforce as part of the new order.


About Heather Thompson

Heather Thompson began writing for the Home Care Technology Report in March 2023 with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, Growth Strategy, and The Agency of the Future. Having earned her reputation as a Healthcare Futurist, Heather brings over three decades of experience in the healthcare sector. She has dedicated 25 years to home healthcare, delving deep into diverse domains such as business intelligence, technology, association management, provider consulting, sales/marketing/business development, strategic planning, financial management, and more.

Heather has walked the path as a caregiver and a patient living with chronic illness and rare disease. A peek into her story reveals she is a rare acquired savant and polymath, an internationally published writer, award-winning artist, practicing contemplative, and seasoned entrepreneur. To get in touch with Heather, you can reach out through:

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