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January 6, Tamale Pie, My Dog Angel

Animals are angels, I believe. Though my beloved bulldog is no longer with us, I find that her spirit is still here at times, just as it was the other night when I felt compelled to draw this portrait of her loving eyes.

As an every day animal communicator, it’s the eyes that most communicate the spirit, thoughts and feelings from our creature companions. Communication is as simple as learning how to read body language and discern emotion. My grandmother was deaf, and my mom’s first language was sign. She went to a one-room school house on a farm in rural Kansas.

Though I was raised in a hearing world, my mom’s side of the family was rooted in a cultured that used pictures, sign, lip reading, body language, and more to navigate the world. The absence of verbal “words” in the every day sense wasn’t necessarily a limitation, in fact for me, it has been a gift.

As you read this, if you have an animal companion that you feel would benefit from some human interaction to sense what could be going on with him or her, feel free to reach out. I am only taking on clients on a very select basis, and only over zoom. I will note that my work is particularly focused on animals coming to terms with the end stage of life, and human companions who may wish to have a portrait painted digitally. Simply contact me through (and we can discuss your needs.


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