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New Art! Claws - A Healing Discovery After Turning Toward Pain

After suffering a serious ankle fracture (see previous post), I embarked on what has become a new artistic exploration. Well, it’s not entirely new; rather I’m revisiting old embodied memories with art as a healing modality.

Art, Video and Poetry by Heather Thompson, NOVELORICA Copyright 2024


By Heather Thompson, NOVELORICA

Claws grip me viscerally.

Turning toward the fear with curiosity

Walking into the physical pain

Gently illuminating the shadows

Only to discover

the claws are ancient

Belonging to something

Very very old…

No boogie man!

No monster clawing at my innards

Imprisoning me in illness!


I came face to face with

my inner protector,

ancient, fierce, wise,

A primal warrior,

power, strength, courage,

A part of me

Beautiful intricate claws

Created for my safety.

Through healing art I give these images form and place them in front of me as allies in my journey.



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