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Roses Wild - New Art & Poetry

Exploring the Trinity in a Rose... Heather Thompson, TheoArtistic Acquired Savant

fractal image of pinks, purples, white with orange accents, a three budded rose in the form of a trinity.
Trinitarian Rose by Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix 2021

I pause at the edge

of the concrete walk

where the roses,

once proper and contained,

now audaciously spill

viridian stems onto the

mossy concrete walk.

Unkempt and wild,

like the tangled mane

of a barefoot child


with summer freedom,

an unusual Trinitarian fractal

catches my eye -

three buds tucked

within a solitary rose

amongst a comforter

of single budded flowers.

The roses, planted by a man

whom I thought I loved,

when I could not wield the spade,

thrive long after human fussing

gave way to unbridled emergence.

Next to the old wooden gate,

where the flock of

3 ducks and 3 drakes

~another fractal of three~

lived their adolescence,

hardware cloth lines

the chipped painted fence;

predator protection now laughable

given the pungent bear

visiting nightly.

With innate freedom,

driven to communicate

the brilliance of


in a canvas of painted hues,

amidst the blanket of

roses wild

resides the wonder of three,

fractal of the Divine,

pouring endlessly

humble kenosis.

An unusual flower,

unconcerned with differences,

neither above nor below,

nor in between,

nor thought given

to anything other than

THIS moment...

Misty morning fog

on the mountainside,

sunlight drying dew drops

upon the awakening

roses wild

where the Beloved Trinity

momentarily calls home.

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