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The Rejected Become The Cornerstones

Psalm 118:22–23, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone! This is God’s work. And it is marvelous in our eyes!”

Original Art by Heather Thompson, Blue Phoenix Art. "Choose to LIVE" 2012 - Sold.

The following excerpt from Franciscan Fr. Richard Rohr was particularly timely this weekend. His reflection on the marginalized among us brought forth powerful insight from Rev. Dr. William Barber, activist and co-director of the Poor People’s Campaign.


Psalm 118:22–23, “The stone that the builders rejected has become the cornerstone! This is God’s work. And it is marvelous in our eyes!”

The rejected must lead the revival for love and justice. The cornerstone is that part of the foundation upon which the whole building stands.

And the Psalmist says, speaking metaphorically of how we view human beings in society, that it is God’s intent that the stones that were once seen as unfit to be a part of the architecture—the stones that were once thrown away or kept in the quarry—have now been called to be the most important stones. The rejected stones make the best cornerstones. The rejected stones actually make the best foundation holders. And whenever you see rejected stones becoming the focus of society, it is the Lord’s doing.

Jesus lived among the rejected. He ministered among the rejected. He died and was crucified as rejected, as somebody who was outside the political power structure. But early Sunday morning, from the grave he led a resurrection movement—a revival of love, a revival of justice, a revival of mercy, a revival of grace.

-William J. Barber, We Are Called to Be a Movement


Having encountered blatant discrimination and abhorrent treatment over the last few years while fighting for my life with rare disease - the kind of ableism that stripped me of basic human dignity and skinned the fighting words from my throat - I found deep truth and renewed strength in a weekend of contemplative reflection based upon this Psalm.

As Advent approaches, I feel the clarity returning once again. My Call is on the margins; it always has been. I am present with suffering without expectation that it must be fixed to make me or anyone else comfortable. Wellness is NOT a prerequisite for love.

LOVE is fundamental to Being - GOD is LOVE.

This Advent, I am quietly deepening my awareness that we are all lovable exactly as we are in the mess of life - including me. Self LOVE feels excruciatingly difficult this season of my life, yet it's a crucial aspect of the journey. As The performing artist Lizzo said - "SELF LOVE IS A RADICAL ACT OF REVOLUTION."


To deny myself or anyone else of LOVE, or to believe myself or anyone else unworthy of LOVE, is to deny GOD - after all, we are all made of the stardust that arose from the ground of Being Itself.

In my belief system (and agreement is not required - this is my quiet knowing).... GOD IS LOVE. ...and.... LOVE LOVES ALL.



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