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There is ONLY Love

Images Copyright by Heather Thompson - Acquired Savant Artist - Contemplative Theologian - Rare Disease Advocate

An Excerpt from a Homily on the Spiritual Path by FR Richard Rohr

What the spiritual journey teaches us is that in the end there is only love. And the foundation of everything . . . is finally love. That’s the Grail experience: We’re standing on love. —Richard Rohr

....No matter who we are, we, too, have been invited on the heroic path. We enter the Grail chamber and know it is a radically trustworthy world, despite all the tragedies with which we may have to live. In this basic trust we can lay down our spear and our shield. Now we can live the truly nonviolent life.

Love is not given to us to help us solve our problems. Love, rather, leads us into our problems.

It’s love that leads us on the quest and ultimately to a final, universal, and grounding love. It’s a love we can trust because we know it is not all up to us. We do not have to secure ourselves because we are radically secured—we are beloved children in a benevolent universe. When we truly and fully belong, it is natural to believe and to become.

The tragedy of our time is that so very many do not belong—people who have no parents, no family, no community, no tradition. It’s no wonder that survival has taken the place of becoming. One true love is all that is necessary. It tells us we do belong, we are connected, and we are at home. We are in, precisely because we have been led through. 

Adapted from Richard Rohr, Quest for the Grail (New York: Crossroad Publishing, 1994), 177, 178, 179, 180, 187. 



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