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Widen the Lens - Art in Progress

In Art as in Life, there's value in BOTH a focused view AND a wider lens when trying to gain a more accurate perspective. Whether metaphorically or literally (as in this example), we must never assume that we know everything as there will always be the perspective of the "other" that we cannot see.

Cultivating genuine empathy allows us to take in that perspective, not with the intention of manipulating but instead with the hope of finding common ground.

Below is a work in progress #digitalpainting. Up close, it looks like any other. Widen the lens and you'll see that I'm in the Infusion center on day 4 of intensive neuroimmune modulating IVIG for #raredisease. This dose of IVIG is extremely difficult, but I'm walking again... so I'll take it!!!

Walk gently in the lives of others... You never know what they have on their plates.

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