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Wisdom Images Emerge in the MidJourney Crucible (Video)

I spent my entire weekend working on a vast number of images, starting with what seemed like typical MidJourney output. After a series of iterations and fine-tuning, a series of magnificent wise women emerged. I am in love! As I sat here with these new creations, it suddenly hit me - Spirit Sophia, Wisdom, Proverbs 8. I smiled with a sense of understanding of what this part of my artistic journey was all about!

Obtaining AI-generated women with these characteristics wasn't an easy process, but now that I have them, I can use them as the foundation for future works.

Original art by Heather Thompson 2023

As I reflect on what I am doing in MidJourney, I am slowly coming up with words to describe my creative process. It is not unlike the seemingly random splatters and scrapes of abstract painting, where I first found my artistic voice in the wake of the concussion that changed my life. The difference is that my tools are code and rapid creation of generative AI images. Like layers of paint, I select, narrow, adjust, and repeat over and over again until I have exactly what I want in hand.

This is not a bot creating art for me, this is a tool I am using to create.

Into the crucible.



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