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The Artistic Journey into Healing Using AI - “She Dances”

I created a new art piece over the weekend. While the output is important, this post is focused on the artistic process, as my art is a healing journey. When I begin, I have no sense of how it’s going to end; I simply open my heart and step into the unknown.

The above video (click to play) offers a glimpse into what has become an emerging artistic method using artificial intelligence as a medium just as I would with any other creative method. Images mark key moments along the path as I rapidly push the AI (MidJourney in this case) to generate images with increasing precision.

Is it random? It the AI creating and I’m just a bystander? Is this art?

These are questions bystanders ask while watching from the edge of creativity. I’m well beyond that boundary. Deep in the mess of what it means to be human, I am compelled to create by experimenting with AI. No rules. No fear. No one to please; just me and the blank screen.

I've engaged this process of stepping into the unknown many times since I first discovered that I had acquired savant abilities after the life-changing traumatic brain injury in 2011.

Over time, I've learned to let go of the words of bystanders - both accolades and criticism- and trust my inner wisdom. This is what the crucible is all about. I know in the deepest place within - where innate creativity resides - that I AM CREATING.

She Dances - Original Art by Heather Thompson

She Dances



from the ether,

at-one with

the colorful forces

in the expanse

of space/time,


within her mind.

She Dances

within the crucible,

alone and connected

to all that is,


that to be a


is to be


with the WOMB

of Creation.

She Dances in her autopoeisis,

She Dances with community,

She Dances because of the blessing seed within…

In an imperfect rhythm filled with paradox, because that’s what’s REAL.

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